Finished products, custom designs, random pictures! You will also find pictures of the colors that are currently available. If there's a color you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I will be able to provide pictures of the vinyl colors that are currently available! 

Noona Gang wine glass!

Of course, for my best friend!

My best friend's k-pop mobile!

Custom design for a my bigbang friend!

My planner <3

The process!

Front of a t-shirt made for my favorite 8 year old!

I'm such a Kyungsoo enthusiast!

Multifandom shirt made for my best friend!

A good friend of mine and her representing KBop Decals!

Custom Design!

My best friend's decal

Back of the shirt for my favorite 8 year old!

My army bomb!

A shirt I made!

For my G Dragon loving best friend!

A custom shirt design made for my friend!

Legal imprint