Ah, where do I start? This adventure has been an amazing one! I've met some amazing people, not only through k-pop itself, but through discussing orders with customers who have become friends!

I have so many ideas all the time, I'm constantly learning new methods on how to make new things. I wanted to share a little bit with you guys on what we're currently working on.

Tumblers and wine glasses! These will be completely custom, from the color of glitter to the decal that will be applied to it. I want to make what YOU guys want!

Christmas ornaments. Don't we ALL want a nice k-pop inspired ornament hanging on our trees each year? I'm going to start out with group logos and see where we end up from there!

Of course I'm going to keep you guys in the loop during the entire production process. Please keep stopping by for updates - which will ALL be on Twitter!

Thank you guys so, so, so much for ALL of your continued support!